EuroPython 2008 Talks & Videos

eGenix EuroPython 2008 Presentations & Videos

Learn the concepts behind the Python DB-API and how to design large-scale applications. Available as PDF and Flash video.

eGenix and EuroPython

The EuroPython Conference is the one of the premier conferences for Python & Zope users and developers. This year it was being held from the 7th to 9th July in Vilnius, Lithuania.

eGenix was one of the founding members of the EuroPython conference team and played a major role in organizing the first EuroPython conference in the year 2002.

Since then we have attended every EuroPython conference to meet up face-to-face with the people from the Python & Zope communities and have given regular talks at these conferences.

eGenix Talks at EuroPython 2008

We gave the following two talks at the conference. The presentations are available for viewing and download from our Presentations and Talks section.

As special feature, we have added talk videos in addition to providing the slide PDFs. You can view the talks online if you have the Adobe Flash Player 8 or later installed.

Using the Python Database API

The Python Database API (DB-API) is a specification of a module interface that allows interfacing from Python to a relational database.

The talk gives a high-level introduction to the concepts used in the Python DB-API and relational databases in general. Connection, cursors and transactions are discussed, and their use in Python database applications is explained.

Designing Large-Scale Applications in Python

Python is widely and somewhat inaccurately referred to as a scripting language. While Python is an ideal platform for small scripting tasks, it does in fact cover all the concepts needed for large scale object oriented application development. However, complex applications bring different challenges.

This talk draws on eGenix' many years experience with large scale application development using Python as central implementation language and provides a cookbook approach to many of the the problems you face when designing and organizing complex application frameworks.

-- Enjoy !

Marc-André Lemburg,

Published: 2008-07-21