Welcome to the Online Shop !

Using the shop system you can purchase licenses and services in a very convenient and flexible way.

Please note that we have outsourced the online shop service to our reseller Share-IT/MyCommerce (a service by Digital River GmbH, Germany), which runs and maintains the shop as well as the payment system.

If you have questions regarding the shop system, written quotes, payment options, purchase orders, invoices, etc. please consult our customer care center at Share-IT or contact Share-IT directly via their service system or by phone. Their terms and conditions apply to all sales done through their shop system.




If you have questions regarding the online shop, our products, licenses or support, please contact our sales team.

Company and Site Licenses

We offer several other licensing options for our products, including company and site licenses, which are not available directly through the online shop system. Please contact our sales team for more information.


If you are interested in becoming an Partner, please contact