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eGenix.com Python Consulting

eGenix.com offers professional consulting services for all project types using Python. We specialize in database driven web applications, but have also worked on API servers, data integration tooling and custom Python extensions.

Python Consulting

Are you engaging in creating highly flexible and fast-to-market products ? Are you looking for better integration of your existing technology ? Do you want to keep your product maintenance costs low and quality high ? Then please read on ...

We have over 20 years of experience developing Python applications and products, ranging from low-level C interfacing to high-level application design - with special focus on database driven applications and solutions.

We can help you with all stages in the software development process:

  • make the right decisions when deciding to start into a Python-base project,
  • guide you through the whole process of designing a Python application,
  • help you find the right tools to avoid losing valuable project time,
  • support your project with our highly skilled consultants,
  • enable you to benefit from our many years of experience.

We provide remote or on-site development, help with integration and problem solving.

If you have questions, please contact sales@egenix.com for details.


If you want to review our coding standards and -quality, we invite you to take a look at our open-source software which is available as eGenix mx Base distribution. Our commercial (non-OSS) products have been in use by many large companies around the world for years. They have also been integrated into several top-selling products, such as the Inktomi Ultraseek search engine or the IBM OmniFind Enterprise Search line of products.

Over the years we have helped quite a few companies develop Python-based solutions and products. As example, we've been working with Point Nine Financial Technologies, London, and helped them develop a very flexible, yet complete and fast time-to-market financial trading system based on Python.

Contract our most senior consultant: Marc-André Lemburg

Marc-André Lemburg, CEO eGenix.com

eGenix' CEO, Marc-André Lemburg, who has been active with and for Python since 1994, is now available as consultant to guide you in the design of your Python applications, help you with your Python projects, build development teams and coach them to excel at using Python.

Senior Python Software Architect

Marc-André has been Python core developer since 1997, he designed and wrote the Unicode integration for Python (PEP 100), including the codecs subsystem and the encodings package, and maintained the implementation for more than a decade.

He also wrote pybench, a Python micro-benchmark, the platform module, the locale database of the locale module, which are part of the Python standard library, as well as the "mx Tools", a series of open-source Python C extensions and modules, which are now bundled in the eGenix mx Base and mx Experimental packages, as well as the commercial add-ons mxODBC and mxODBC Connect for ODBC database connectivity.

The "mx Tools" were originally written for the eGenix Application Server, a framework suitable to implement large-scale web applications in Python. The results of the research going into this software are still working out well today and have been used successfully in several projects.

Marc-André is the editor for the two Python database standards Python DB-API 1.0 (PEP 248) and Python DB-API 2.0 (PEP 249).

Project Management

Apart from being a prolific Python developer, Marc-André has been very active in managing projects using Python to reach our highly competitive project life-cycle efficiency -- internally for eGenix, in custom projects run for our clients, or as consultant in the context of existing customer projects teams.

Open Source and Community Development

In the Open Source organization world, Marc-André started as founding Python Software Foundation (PSF) member, later became PSF Board member, helped kick off the EuroPython conference, the German PyCon DE conference, Python Meeting Düsseldorf, a local user group in Düsseldorf, and continuous to invest a lot of energy into marketing Python to the masses - going beyond just developers, by e.g. starting the PSF Python Brochure project and the Python Events Calendar team.

Speaker at Conferences

Marc-André has been a regular speaker at Python conferences since 2001, usually giving talks at 4-5 conferences each year. A selection of talks is available in our presentations section of the website.

If you are interested in contracting Marc-André, please contact sales@egenix.com for details on availability and rates. You can also visit his blog for more background information.