eGenix Talks: Efficient Python development with small teams

EuroPython 2013 - Efficient Python development with small teams

A case study in efficient Python development.

As we all know, Python is a very efficient implementation language - so efficient, that you sometimes face new challenges in projects. Very often, you can completely skip the prototype phase and go directly to the main development phase. Customers love this, of course, but this approach tends to come with its own unique set of requirements and problems.

Team size, communication, application design, work distribution, milestone and customer expectation management are important factors for the success of such a project.

The talk discusses a few strategies that have worked in many larger projects and also touches upon some things that did not work out well.

If you are interested in learning more about the concepts and how eGenix can help you efficiently realize your ideas, eGenix offers Python coaching and consulting services to give your teams advice on how to achieve best performance and efficiency with Python. Please contact our eGenix Sales Team for information.

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This talk was given at EuroPython 2013 in Florence, Italy, by Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of Mr. Lemburg is available as Python coach and consultant, if you would like to get on-site help with your projects.

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