Python Products Python Products is specialized in high-performance, professional quality Python database products and extensions. Python Products

If you are looking for reliable, robust and performant database interface for your Python applications, then you should have a look at our mxODBC series of Python extensions and products. They provide database connectivity in a simple to use, yet powerful way and support a wide range of platforms and database backends.

eGenix mxODBC - Python ODBC Database Interface

mxODBC is our flagship product for connecting Python to all major databases, on all major platforms. Built with more than 10 years experience and knowledge about ODBC and relational SQL databases, mxODBC is the most versatile, stable and robust database interface for Python available today. It uses the mx Base Distribution as basis.

eGenix mxODBC Connect - Python Database Interface

mxODBC Connect is our proven client-server product for connecting Python applications to remote databases. It comes in two parts, with a server installation providing the networked database access facilities and a highly portable client Python package which connects to it. The client part uses our mx Base Distribution as basis. mx Extension Series

The mx Extension Series is an ever growing collection of packages we have developed over time in the last 15 years and which we continue to use and support. The Python packages in the series are grouped in form of distributions, simplifying the installation and maintenance of the software.

All of these Python packages live under the mx top-level Python package, which is installed as part of the mx Base Distribution. mx Base Distribution

Contains the base set of packages, such as mxDateTime, mxTextTools, mxTools, etc. and is required by all other mx distributions. The packages in this distribution are made available under an Open-Source license. mx Experimental Distribution

Contains experimental mx packages, such as mxTidy and mxNumber, which will eventually be integrated into one of the other distributions. The packages in this distribution may have different licenses, open-source and/or commercial, so please check the distribution page before continuing with the download. Python Projects

For our own use and for integration into our products, we are maintaining a number of Python-related projects: pyOpenSSL Distribution

This is our easy to install and use pyOpenSSL distribution for Python. It makes it easy to write SSL-aware networking applications in Python and uses the well-known and supported OpenSSL library as backend. The packages in this distribution are made available under various Open-Source licenses. PyRun

eGenix PyRun is an easy to use, no-installation Python run-time which only needs a single small executable. It combines the best of virtualenv, small footprint and great startup time, with an easy to use directory layout and removes the reliance on system-wide Python installations. This makes it ideal for quickly setting up a run-time environment for Python scripts as well as complete Python applications. eGenix PyRun is made available by eGenix under a Python-style Open-Source license.