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Privacy Policy is committed to respecting the privacy of its users and therefore has set up this privacy policy which we will follow for all our web-sites.

Use of Cookies

For the operation of parts of our website and to enhance the user experience, we rely on the use of cookies. You are free to disable storing of cookies from the web-sites in your browser, but this may result in loss of functionality of the site or parts thereof.

Collection of Access Data

We collect user data through the usual means of recording site access information. This information includes the address from which a request is made, the referrer (the URL from which the request originated) and the user agent string sent by the browser. We only use this data internally to improve our web-sites. will never pass this data on to third-parties, unless legally required to do so by German or EU law.

Collection of Licensee Data

In order to provide a means of evaluating and purchasing our products, we collect information about the name, company and email address from our users. This information is used to create evaluation licenses valid for and restricted to the user providing the information. The license files are sent to the user by email. We use this data to inform our users of updates, license expiration and to request feedback, with the aim of improving our products and services. will never pass this data on to third-parties, unless legally required to do so by German or EU law.

Mailing Lists

As customer service, we provide opt-in mailing lists on our websites. The information collected for these services is solely used for the purpose of running these mailing lists. You are free to unsubscribe from these lists at any time, using the links provided on our web-site or by sending an email to our web-site support staff.

The mailing lists are hosted on our servers, not using third party service providers.

Online Shop System

We have outsourced our online shop to Share-IT, a service provided by Digital River. The shop and payment system is run and maintained by Digital River. When purchasing products or services via our online shop, Digital River is the (re)seller of the products and your contractual partner.

Please consult our customer care center at Share-IT and their terms and conditions for details regarding privacy questions and how your data is being used by Digital River to provide the online shop service.

The data transferred to us by Share-IT is solely used for the purpose of rendering the ordered service, sending your the purchased licenses and post-sales support. eGenix will only receive the final purchase data from Share-IT. We do not receive data about order processes which have not been completed. will never pass this data on to third-parties, unless legally required to do so by German or EU law.

Third party services

eGenix uses the following third party services to run its websites and shop system. All service providers have been checked for EU data privacy regulations compliance.

  • Digital River Shop System "Share-IT/MyCommerce" (privacy policy). We use Share-IT to run our online shop system. Please see above for details.
  • Tumblr (privacy policy). We use Tumblr to run blogs, promotional or informational websites. These sites may also include social media buttons or links for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn and Github (see below for their privacy policies).
  • Disqus (privacy policy). We use Disqus on some Tumblr websites to provide ways of enabling user feedback and discussions.

Other services and social media links

Other services we use to provide and manage social media channels, videos, photos, code or user interaction:
Please refer to their privacy policies for details on the collected data and how you can manage this. We have added links to the policies in the above list.

Data privacy inquiries

If you have inquiries about the data we have collected from your or would like to request its removal, you need to write us an email requesting so (please see our contact page for details).

Our staff will then erase your data from all files and databases. You will be informed at the end of the process. This information cannot be restored afterwards.

The only exception to data wiping is invoices and accounting data: if you have purchased licenses or services from our website, we are legally required to preserve the invoices and accounting data for 10 years after issuing the invoices.


If you have questions about our privacy policy or feel that we are in violation of this policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We take privacy seriously and do not want our users to feel uncomfortable when visiting or using our web-sites.

Last changed: 2018-05-23.