eGenix Talks: Python DB-API

EuroPython 2008 - Using the Python Database API

Accessing databases from Python using the Python Database API.

The Python Database API (DB-API) is a specification of a module interface that allows interfacing from Python to a relational database.

This talk gives a high-level introduction to the concepts used in the Python DB-API and relational databases in general. Connection, cursors and transactions are discussed, and their use in Python database applications is explained.

The eGenix mxODBC Python extension is an example of a database module implementing the Python Database API 2.0.

Talk Video

The above 35-minute talk was given the EuroPython conference 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania, by Marc-André Lemburg - author of mxODBC and editor of the Python Database API Specification.

The slides are also available as PDF.

If you have questions regarding the talk, please post these on our eGenix User Mailing List.


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