eGenix Talks: Large-Scale Applications

EuroPython 2008 - Designing Large-Scale Applications in Python

An introduction to successful large-scale Python application design.

Python is widely and somewhat inaccurately referred to as a scripting language. While Python is an ideal platform for small scripting tasks, it does in fact cover all the concepts needed for large scale object oriented application development. However, complex applications bring different challenges.

This talk draws on eGenix' many years experience with large scale application development using Python as central implementation language and provides a cookbook approach to many of the the problems you face when designing and organizing complex application frameworks.

The approach has been proven in many real-life projects, ranging from web application servers in varying fields of application to complete finance trading systems. Python has always proven to be a truly good choice with an outstanding time-to-market advantage over other implementation languages such as Java or C++. It has literally made the difference for a number of small software development companies competing against multi-million dollar ventures.

Talk Video

The above 68-minute talk was given the EuroPython conference 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania, by Marc-André Lemburg - Python expert and chief architect at eGenix.

The slides are also available as PDF.

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