PyCon UK 2014 Talks & Videos

eGenix PyCon UK 2014 Talks & Videos

We have just published the talk slides and videos of our PyCon UK 2014 presentations.

The PyCon UK Conference is the premier conference for Python users and developers in the UK. This year it was held from September 19-22 in Coventry, UK.

eGenix Talks at PyCon UK 2014

At this year's PyCon UK, Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of eGenix, gave the following talks at the conference. The presentations are available for viewing and download from our Presentations and Talks section.

When performance matters ...

Simple idioms you can use to make your Python code run faster and use less memory.

Python applications sometimes need all the performance they can get. Think of e.g. web, REST or RPC servers. There are several ways to address this: scale up by using more processes, use Cython, use PyPy, rewrite parts in C, etc.

However, there are also quite a few things that can be done directly in Python. This talk goes through a number of examples and show cases how sticking to a few idioms can easily enhance the performance of your existing applications without having to revert to more complex optimization strategies.

The talk was complemented with a lightning talk titled "Pythons and Flies", which addresses a memory performance idiom and answers one of the audience questions raised in the above talk.

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Python Web Installer

Installing Python packages is usually done with one of the available package installation systems, e.g. pip, easy_install, zc.buildout, or manually by running "python install" in a package distribution directory.

These systems work fine as long as you have Python-only packages. For packages that contain binaries, such as Python C extensions or other platform dependent code, the situation is a lot less bright.

In this talk, we present a new web installer system that we're currently developing to overcome these limitations.

The system combines the dynamic Python installation interface supported by all installers ("python install"), with a web installer which automatically selects, downloads, verifies and installs the binary package for your platform.

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If you are interested in learning more about these idioms and techniques, eGenix now offers Python project coaching and consulting services to give your project teams advice on how to achieve best performance and efficiency with Python. Please contact our eGenix Sales Team for information.

Enjoy !

Charlie Clark, Sales & Marketing

Published: 2014-09-29