eGenix Talks: Python Web Installer

PyCon UK 2014 - Python Web Installer

Making Python package installs easier and more secure for users across platforms.

Installing Python packages is usually done with one of the available package installation systems, e.g. pip, easy_install, zc.buildout, or manually by running "python install" in a package distribution directory.

These systems work fine as long as you have Python-only packages. For packages that contain binaries, such as Python C extensions or other platform dependent code, the situation is a lot less bright.

In this talk, we present a new web installer system that we're currently developing to overcome these limitations.

The system combines the dynamic Python installation interface supported by all installers ("python install"), with a web installer which automatically selects, downloads, verifies and installs the binary package for your platform.

Talk Video

This talk was given at PyCon UK 2014 in Coventry, UK, by Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of

Mr. Lemburg is available as Python coach and consultant, if you would like to get on-site help with your projects.

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