Example Coaching Day Themes

Example Coaching Day Themes

Marc-André Lemburg, CEO eGenix.com

Marc-André Lemburg,
eGenix CEO, Senior Coach

Example selection of themes and topics to give you an idea of how our custom coaching sessions can be structured.

Since all sessions are custom made for your needs, we can cover a very wide range of topics. The selection listed here by no means covers all possible topics or coaching day themes. Please contact us for details.

Software Architects Day

  • Efficient Python development with small teams
  • Designing large-scale applications in Python
  • Database abstractions in Python
  • Designing applications to scale from ground up

Production Services Day

  • Managing deployments with Python
  • Introduction to Fabric
  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Introduction to SaltStack

Developers Day

  • Python conventions and idioms
  • Python development best practices
  • Python refactoring and profiling
  • Python performance idioms
  • Introduction to Python database programming
  • Advanced database programming with Python
  • Using Unicode in Python
  • Porting to Python 3