Change Log

eGenix PyRun Change Log

The change log includes a detailed description of all changes to this package in the recent releases.
Version: 1.2.0

Changes from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0

New Features

  • Upgraded eGenix PyRun to work with and use Python 2.7.4 per default.
  • Changed the pyrun default to run in non-optimized mode and added the -O command line option to reenable it. Previous versions of eGenix PyRun used to default to optimized mode, which prevented running tests using e.g. assert with it. The stdlib itself is still frozen in optimized mode.
  • Added support for directly running Python directories and ZIP files with __main__ module. Only works with the Python 2.7 variant.
  • eGenix PyRun now honors symlinks, so symlinked copies of PyRun can be used to save disk space. The installations will still work as expected, i.e. independent of each other.
  • Added new pyrun_release config variable to the pyrun_config module. This allows checking the pyrun release version.
  • Added PyRun release version to the banner and -V output.
  • Added support for the Python -d command line option to pyrun.
  • Added a fix to allow PyRun to compile the sqlite module on Mac OS X 10.4. See for details.
  • Much enhanced documentation, which now also explains the internals and highlights Python modules/packages that are not included in eGenix PyRun.

install-pyrun Enhancements

  • Added new options --distribute-distribution and --pip-distribution to be able to use local distribution files for distribute and pip.
  • Added --debug option to enable debug output.
  • install-pyrun will now try uname -m in case uname -p doesn't return useful information about the platform.
  • install-pyrun will now use HTTPS connections for all tools (pyrun, distribute and pip). SSL certificate checking is enabled per default, but can be turned off using the new --disable-certificate-checks option.
  • Added automatic support for wget to install-pyrun. It is being used if curl is not found on the system.
  • Added new option --platform-list to print a list of available platform strings.

Other Changes

  • Removed the compiler package from being compiled into PyRun. If needed, it can be installed separately. Note that the compiler package needs the parser module which is not compiled into PyRun either, but is still available as extension module.
  • Removed the Tkinter Python module from being compiled into PyRun. If needed, it can be installed separately. Note that the Tkinter module needs the _tkinter C module, which is not compiled into PyRun either, but is still available as extension module.
  • Fixed sys.argv when using interactive mode to default to [''].
  • All eGenix PyRun distribution packages are now GPG signed with our release key and come with MD5 and SHA1 hashes to check for download corruption.

Changes from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

New Features

  • Added new simple end-to-end test for the PyRun build process: make test-distribution.
  • Added support to import top-level frozen modules via -m. For packages this still fails due to bugs in Python itself.
  • Added a new easy to use pyrun installation shell script: install-pyrun.
  • install-pyrun will now default to eGenix PyRun 1.1.0.
  • install-pyrun now has a new --pyrun-distribution option to manually direct the script to a distribution file. This comes in handy when testing your own eGenix PyRun distributions.

Enhanced Integration

  • Optional readline module included in our binary builds now links against readline version 6 instead of 5. This should resolve readline issues on modern Linux installations.
  • Resolved an issue related to sys.argv[0] that prevented installation of e.g. numpy and lxml with pyrun. We've tested PyRun installation with numpy, lxml, Cython, Django, Trac and several other popular packages. They should all install fine now.
  • PyRun now reads scripts from stdin when used as filter or when providing '-' as script name.

Other Changes

  • Documented that setuptools/distribute and pip are not designed to be relocatable - unlike PyRun itself.
  • Most references to the pyrun build directory are now replaced with "<pyrun>". This reduces the pyrun binary size and also avoids confusion when looking at tracebacks.
  • Backported a patch to have Python 2.5 compile on systems that have a more recent version of svnversion installed.
  • We've managed to push the size down from 12MB in 1.0.0 to 11MB in this new release.

Version 1.0.0 was the first public release.