mxODBC 3.0 Developer Licenses

eGenix mxODBC 3.0 Developer Licenses Available

eGenix is pleased to announce the immediate availability of developer licenses for our Python ODBC database interface, the eGenix mxODBC Distribution 3.0 for Python.
Version: 3.0.0


The eGenix mxODBC Distribution is an add-on distribution for our eGenix mx Base Distribution. It comes with mxODBC, our universal ODBC database interface for Python.

Developer Licenses for mxODBC 3.0

eGenix is now shipping developer licenses for mxODBC which allow the integration and redistribution of mxODBC into your products.

  • Make use of the power and flexibility of this cross-platform, robust and stable interface and connect to most available databases with less hassles, fewer configuration problems and great performance.
  • Enjoy the same database interface API on all supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Solaris.
  • This is true write-once, deploy anywhere !

How does it work ?

The setup works just like for a regular stand-alone installation of mxODBC. eGenix will send you the required license files after purchase and all you have to do, is install them in the product folder.

You can then work on your product and ship the license files together with the product, so that your customers can use the product integrated mxODBC just like you do on your development machines.

Once licensed, you don't have to pay eGenix royalties or fees for distributing mxODBC together with your products.

Which restrictions apply ?

Restrictions are very modest:

  • you must get a proper license for all developer machines and developers working on the product
  • the mxODBC version included in the product must be tied to your product, ie. it should not be usable outside your product
  • you are not permitted to use mxODBC in a product that would introduce competition for eGenix products.

The full legal details are available in the Commercial License Agreement 1.2.0.

Try before you buy

You can request 30-day evaluation licenses by writing to, stating your name (or the name of the company) and the number of eval licenses that you need. We will then issue you licenses and send them to you by email.

Please make sure that you can receive ZIP file attachments on the email you specify in the request, since the license files are send out as ZIP attachments.


mxODBC 3.0 Developer CPU Licenses can be purchased in our eGenix Online Shop. You can also go directly to the product page.

Please see the mxODBC distribution page for details on buying licenses or contact


Please visit the eGenix mxODBC Distribution page for downloads, instructions on installation and documentation of the packages.

Note that in order to use the eGenix mxODBC Distribution you need to install the eGenix mx Base Distribution first.

More Information

For more information on the eGenix mx Distributions, licensing and download instructions, please write to

Enjoy !

Marc-Andre Lemburg,

Published: 2007-05-28