eGenix mx Base Distribution 3.0 GA

eGenix mx Base Distribution 3.0 GA

eGenix is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our eGenix mx Base Distribution 3.0 for Python.


The eGenix mx Base Distribution for Python is a set of packages which help you with everyday programming tasks when working with Python.

The distributions contains these open-source offerings:

  • mxDateTime - date/time types, parsers, tools
  • mxTextTools - fast text parsing
  • mxTools - set of new built-ins
  • mxURL - fast and easy-to-use URL data type
  • mxUID - unique identifiers
  • mxStack - fast stack data type with C interface
  • mxQueue - fast queue data type with C interface
  • mxProxy - access control and weak reference for Python objects
  • mxBeeBase - on-disk B+Tree database kit


The 3.0 release of the eGenix mx Base Distributions comes with a huge number of enhancements, bug fixes and additions.

Some highlights:

  • All mx Extensions have been ported to Python 2.5.
  • mxDateTime has support for working with Python's datetime module types, so you can use and combine both if necessary. The parser was enhanced to support even more formats and make it more reliable than ever before.
  • mxTextTools now fully supports Unicode, so you can parse Unicode data just as fast as you can 8-bit string data. The package also includes a tag table compiler and new jump target support to simplify working with tag tables.
  • mxURL and mxUID were previously released as part of our mx Experimental distribution. They have now been integrated into the base distribution, providing easy-to-use data types for common tasks in web programming.
  • We've switched from the old distutils wininst installer to the new MSI installer for the Windows Python 2.5 build. This gives you a lot more options for automatic installs, including unattended installs. See for details.

For a more detailed description of changes, please see the respective package documentation.


Please note that the 2.0 series of the eGenix mx Base Distribution does not support Python 2.5 on 64-bit platforms due to the Py_ssize_t changes in the Python C API.

You are encouraged to upgrade to the new 3.0 series, if you plan to deploy on 64-bit platforms and use Python 2.5 as basis for your applications.


The eGenix mx Base Distribution is distributed under the terms of our Public License 1.1.0 and does not require installation of licenses, so you can use it straight away.


Please visit the eGenix mx Base Distribution page for downloads, instructions on installation and documentation of the packages.

More Information

For more information on the eGenix mx Base Distribution, licensing and download instructions, please write to

Enjoy !

Marc-Andre Lemburg,

Published: 2007-05-10