eGenix PyRun 2.2.1 GA

eGenix PyRun - One file Python Runtime 2.2.1 GA

eGenix is pleased to announce our open-source eGenix PyRun - One file Python runtime 2.2.1 for Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.4 and now also Python 3.5.


eGenix PyRun is our open source, one file, no installation version of Python, making the distribution of a Python interpreter to run based scripts and applications to Unix based systems as simple as copying a single file.

eGenix PyRun's executable only needs 11MB for Python 2 and 13MB for Python 3, but still supports most Python application and scripts - and it can be compressed to just 3-4MB using upx, if needed.

Compared to a regular Python installation of typically 100MB on disk, eGenix PyRun is ideal for applications and scripts that need to be distributed to several target machines, client installations or customers.

It makes "installing" Python on a Unix based system as simple as copying a single file.

eGenix has been using eGenix PyRun internally in the mxODBC Connect Server product since 2008 with great success and decided to make it available as a stand-alone open-source product.

We provide both the source archive to build your own eGenix PyRun, as well as pre-compiled binaries for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X, as 32- and 64-bit versions. The binaries can be downloaded manually, or you can let our automatic install script install-pyrun take care of the installation: ./install-pyrun dir and you're done.

Please see the product page for more details:

    >>> eGenix PyRun - One file Python Runtime


This minor level release of eGenix PyRun comes with the following enhancements:

Enhancements / Changes

  • Fixed support for -u command line option with Python 3. Since this is used by pip since version 8.0, it also removes issues with pip.
  • Removed ensurepip package from PyRun since this only works with access to the bundled whl files. This is incompatible with the frozen nature of packages in PyRun.
  • Added support for setting the OpenSSL path to the Makefile and have it look in /usr/local/ssl before reverting to system dirs to make it easier to link against more recent builds of OpenSSL.
  • Linking against OpenSSL 1.0.2 now on Mac OS X for the precompiled pyrun binaries. You may have to set your shared linker path to point to the right OpenSSL version.

install-pyrun Enhancements

For a complete list of changes, please see the eGenix PyRun Changelog.


Please visit the eGenix PyRun product page for downloads, instructions on installation and documentation of the product.


Commercial support for this product is available directly from

Please see the support section of our website for details.

More Information

For more information on eGenix PyRun, licensing and download instructions, please write to

Enjoy !

Marc-Andre Lemburg,

Published: 2016-06-06