eGenix Antispam Bot for Telegram 0.5.0 GA

eGenix Antispam Bot for Telegram 0.5.0 GA

eGenix is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the eGenix Antispam Bot for Telegram 0.5.0 - A simple, yet effective bot implementation to address Telegram signup spam.


eGenix has long been running a local user group meeting in Düsseldorf called Python Meeting Düsseldorf and we are using a Telegram group for most of our communication.

In the early days, the group worked well and we only had few spammers joining it, which we could well handle manually.

More recently, this has changed dramatically. We are seeing between 2-5 spam signups per day, often at night. Furthermore, the signups accounts are not always easy to spot as spammers, since they often come with profile images, descriptions, etc.

With the bot, we now have a more flexible way of dealing with the problem.

Please see our project page for details and download links.


  • Low impact mode of operation: the bot tries to keep noise in the group to a minimum
  • Several challenge mechanisms to choose from, more can be added as needed
  • Flexible and easy to use configuration
  • Only needs a few MB of RAM, so can easily be put into a container or run on a Raspberry Pi
  • Can handle quite a bit of load due to the async implementation
  • Works with Python 3.9+
  • MIT open source licensed


The 0.5.0 release fixes a few bugs and adds more features:

  • Added support for muting the bot messages and enabled this per default; thanks to Alexander Ananchenko
  • Added support for also removing the approval message after a timeout (not enabled per default); thanks to Alexander Ananchenko
  • Bot conversations are now logged before removing them; this makes it easier to debug challenges (some may be too easy)

It has been battle-tested in production for several months already and is proving to be a really useful tool to help with Telegram group administration.

More Information

For more information on the Python products, licensing and download instructions, please write to

Enjoy !

Marc-Andre Lemburg,

Published: 2023-08-21