EuroPython 2013

eGenix at EuroPython 2013

Meet up with eGenix at this year's EuroPython Conference in Florence, Italy.

The EuroPython Conference is the one of the premier conferences for Python users and developers. This year it is being held from July 1-7 in Florence, Italy.

Meet up with eGenix at EuroPython

eGenix was one of the founding members of the EuroPython conference team and played a major role in organizing the first EuroPython conference in the year 2002.

Since then we have attended every EuroPython conference to meet up face-to-face with the many people we know from the Python community and the many people that we don't yet know from the community -- if you are interested in meeting with us, please drop us a note so that we can arrange a meeting.

eGenix Talks at EuroPython

At this year's EuroPython, Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of eGenix, will be giving two talks providing some insights into our experience with running Python projects.

Designing Large-Scale Applications in Python

Concepts for designing large and scalable Python applications that work in practice.

Python is often referred to as a scripting language. While Python is an ideal platform for scripting, integration or plugin tasks, it does in fact cover all the concepts needed for truly large-scale object oriented application development. However, complex applications bring new challenges.

The talk will draw on the speaker’s experience with large-scale application design using Python as central implementation language and provide a cookbook approach to many of the problems you face when designing and organizing complex application frameworks.

The approach has been proven in many real-life projects, ranging from web application servers in varying fields of application to complete finance trading systems. Python has always proven to be a truly good choice with an outstanding time-to-market advantage over other implementation languages such as Java or C++. It allows small software development companies to successfully compete against multi-million dollar ventures.

Thursday, 15:30 CEST, Room Lasagne.


Efficient Python development with small teams

As we all know, Python is a very efficient implementation language - so efficient, that you sometimes face new challenges in projects. Very often, you can completely skip the prototype phase and go directly to the main development phase. Customers love this, of course, but this approach tends to come with its own unique set of requirements and problems.

Team size, communication, application design, work distribution, milestone and customer expectation management are important factors for the success of such a project.

The talk will discuss a few strategies that have worked in many larger projects and also touch upon some things that did not work out well.

Friday, 12:15 CEST, Room Lasagne.

Enjoy !

Charlie Clark, Sales & Marketing

Published: 2013-06-27