eGenix Talks: Python Community Keynote

PyWaw Summit 2015 - Python Community - Past, Present and Future

Keynote given at the first PyWaw Summit 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, giving a personal view of what makes the Python community so special.

In this keynote, I take the audience on a tour through the development of the Python community. Starting 20 years ago with how I entered Python, looking at important milestones, showing current developments and giving an outlook of where we might be heading in the next few years.

Hope you'll enjoy the ride.

-- Marc-Andre Lemburg, Python Core Developer

Talk Video

This talk was given at the first PyWaw Summit 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, by Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of

Mr. Lemburg is available as Python coach and consultant, if you need help with your Python projects, or would like to find the right developers for your needs.

Talk Agenda

  • The early days: Programming in C ...
    Revelation: Programming in Python ...
  • But there's more: The community
  • Python starts in academia
    Python enters the enterprise
    Python aims for the web
    Python shapes the web
  • So what's next ?
    Growing the younger community
    Growing the global community
    Going mobile
    Shaping Big Data
    Revolutionize the Internet of Things
    Advance the technology
    Keep an eye on the competition
  • It's all about having fun ...

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