eGenix Talks: Python Database Programming

EuroPython 2011 - Introduction to Python Database Programming

An introduction to Python database programming using the Python Database API 2.0 (DB-API 2.0).

The talk gives an introduction to the concepts used in the Python Database API and relational databases in general.

Connection, cursors and transactions are explained, and their use in a typical Python database application is demonstrated. The talk also touches upon advanced database programming techniques and discusses best practices.

If you're looking for a DB-API compatible Python interface, please have a look at our database products mxODBC and mxODBC Connect. They implement a Python DB-API 2.0 compatible interface, including a number of important extensions such as ODBC catalog methods for easy introspection of the database schema.

Talk Video

The above 58-minute talk was given the EuroPython conference 2011 in Florence, Italy, by Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of

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The talk slides are available as PDF:


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