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EuroPython 2007 - Zope and RDBMS

A short introduction on how to use Zope with relational databases (RDBMS).

Although Zope has been around for quite a while, it continues to find new users particularly amongst non-programmers who are looking for a way to work with existing data which is usually in some relational database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.). One of the reasons for this is that Zope provides an extremely powerful, yet secure, through-the-web (TTW) programming environment.

The presentation is directed towards new users and provides a brief introduction by example into the Zope way of doing things. At the same time it highlights how working within Zope is automatic training in good programming methodology: data management is delegated to ZSQL methods, PythonScripts act as controllers and Zope Page Templates provide the views. Together they encourage modularity and reusability.

The sample application and database are available for download: ACME.zexp and ACME.sql.

The mxODBC Zope Database Adapter demonstrated in the talk is an eGenix Zope product.

Talk Video

The above 30-minute talk was given at EuroPython 2007 in Vilnius, Lithuania, by Charlie Clark.

The slides are also available as PDF.

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