eGenix Talks: mxTextTools

EuroPython 2007 - Parsing Languages with mxTextTools

High-speed text parsing in Python using mxTextTools.

mxTextTools comes with a high performance Tagging Engine for text and Unicode data which can be used to tokenize and parse (little) languages. The resulting abstract syntax tree can then be hooked up to a generator to build a complete and fast compiler in pure Python.

The talk gives a short introduction to the way the mxTextTools Tagging Engine works and how it can be used to build compilers.

mxTextTools is an eGenix Open Source product available as part of the eGenix mx Base Distribution.

Talk Video

The above 30-minute talk was given at EuroPython 2007 in Vilnius, Lithuania, by Marc-André Lemburg - the author of mxTextTools.

The slides are also available as PDF.

If you have questions regarding the talk, please post these on our eGenix User Mailing List.


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