eGenix Talks: Advanced Database Programming

EuroPython 2014 - Advanced Database Programming

Advanced concepts in Python database programming.

The Python DB-API 2.0 provides a direct interface to many popular database backends. It makes interaction with relational database very straight forward and allows tapping into the full set of features these databases provide.

This talk covers advanced database topics which are relevant in production environments such as locks, distributed transactions and transaction isolation. We also give advice on how to deal with common problems you face when working with complex database systems.

Talk Video

This talk was given at EuroPython 2014 in Berlin,Germany, by Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of

Mr. Lemburg is available as Python coach and consultant, if you would like to get on-site help with your database projects.

Talk Agenda

Introduction to the Python DB API 2.0

Concepts of the Python DB-API 2.0

Database Connections: Connection objects

Database Queries: Cursor objects


Transactions: Common Mistakes

Transactions: Best Practices

Transactions across Databases

Distributed Transactions

Two-Phase Commit APIs

Concurrent Database Access

Transaction Isolation (Introduction)

Transaction Isolation: Typical Levels

Transaction Isolation: Python APIs

Optimized Databases: OLTP vs. OLAP

Query Optimizations: Performance

Query Optimizations: Complexity

Tips & Tricks: Record ID Creation

Record ID Creation: Using the database

Record ID Creation: In Python

Tips & Tricks: Referential Contraints

Referential Contraints: Using the database

Referential Contraints: In Python

Tips & Tricks: High Availability

High Availability: Failover using the database

High Availability: Failover in Python

Talk Slides

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