[egenix-users] Cannot build debug version of mx-base

Philip Rooke phil at yax.org.uk
Tue Dec 1 05:54:01 CET 2009

> Further investigation has revealed the real cause of the problem
> (I think):
> This is not related to tar or zip, it's related to running the
> setup.py script twice within the same extracted source archive.
> The first time runs through fine, the second time you get the
> error. This appears to be related to the build pickle that we
> use to save build information between runs:
I guess this is possible.  I first installed the base package using the
Macports infrastructure.   But the Macports package does not expose the
debug configure option as, what they call, a variant of the package build.
 So at that point I installed it by hand, first with the tar.gz download
from your web site.  That produced the error you have seen.  I tried the
.zip download on your suggestion and that did work although that was perhaps
a timing coincidence.

Anyway it all seems fine now.


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