[egenix-users] way to prevent floats from truncating to ints?

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Thu Apr 17 14:55:29 CEST 2008

On 2008-04-16 22:36, Andy Altepeter wrote:
> Hi,
> This response is in reference to this message:
> http://lists.egenix.com/mailman-archives/egenix-users/2008-April/114362.html
> I've been working with Nathan.  Regarding Marc's suggestion to:
>> Please first try with the latest Oracle ODBC driver from the
>> Oracle Full Client (not the Oracle Instance Client)
> I've downloaded and installed the oracle full client ( on our RHEL 4 
> server. I've installed the complete client, even including the instant client 
> option.  But, I don't see that any ODBC drivers were installed.  I'm not sure 
> if the unix version of the oracle client even includes ODBC drivers?

It does, just like the Instant Client for Linux, and in case of problems
with the Instant Client ODBC drivers, Oracle recommends to use the
version from the full client, since those get updated more frequently.

However, in your case (Oracle 9 database), I'm not sure whether
using the Oracle 10R2 client would really help due to the version

> We're also using the RHEL 4 rpm for unixodbc, which is unixodbc-2.2.11.
> I've tried upgrading from the oracle instantclient rpms to the 
> rpms.  The newer version of the instantclient is apparently not 
> supported by the version of unixodbc we have, I get an error about a certain 
> function not being found (I don't recall which one it was).

If unixODBC doesn't work, you could try iODBC. unixODBC development
seems to have stalled with the last new version released in 2006.

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