[egenix-users] pyrun -- adding libraries

John R. Frank jrf at mit.edu
Mon Feb 4 08:17:55 CET 2013

Hello eGenix Users,

Does anyone have any advice about how to overcome this basic installation 
error with pyrun?

~$ ./install-pyrun --platform=linux-i686    pyrun
Downloading eGenix PyRun ...
Installing eGenix PyRun ...
Installing distribute ...
Failed to install distribute

~$ cd pyrun/
~/pyrun$ bin/pyrun distribute_setup.py
bin/pyrun: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

libssl is available on the system, so `python distribute_setup.py` works.

I'm guessing that it needs ssl for the hashlib python module in the 
standard library.

My goal is use pyrun to deploy a python program that depends on the lxml 
python module, which needs libxslt.so.1, libexslt.so.0, libxml2.so.2

These are available on my Ubuntu build system from the debian packages 
libxml2 and libxslt -- and I could rebuild them from source.  How does one 
get PyRun to incorporate such additional libraries, so I can then deploy 
pyrun (and our custom program) to other machines that do not have any of 
these libraries?

Thanks for any pointers!  And if the only way to make progress on this is 
buying a support ticket, someone please tell me that.


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