[egenix-users] Error compiling egenix-mx-base (again)

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Fri Aug 3 22:50:09 CEST 2012

Leonardo Santagada wrote:
> Every time I try to pip install egenix-mx-base in a different machine
> it errors out, does it pay off to override distutils/distribute
> internals? 

I think you should ask that question to the setuptools author :-)

mxSetup tries very hard to extend distutils using the way it was
designed for. setuptools/distribute doesn't care that much and
as a result breaks distutils in many different incompatible ways.

But in your case, the cause appears to be yet another MacApple quirk
that's not really related to any overrides, but instead to the way
distutils and the Python configuration system works.

> This time I think is because distutils/distribute uses
> clang when it doesn't find gcc-4.2 but your code do not. I'm also
> pasting the error when I create a gcc-4.2 symbolic link pointing to
> clang:
> ...

See here:

"extension module builds fail with python.org OS X installers on OS X 10.7 and 10.6 with Xcode 4.2"

The problem is that the installers on python.org where built on a
machine with gcc-4.2. This information is written into the
Python config files and whenever Python tries to compile an extension,
it uses that information again.

If you then try to build extensions on a system that doesn't have
gcc-4.0, distutils will fail.

BTW: We've long given up using the Apple or python.org supplied
installers for Mac OS X and always compile Python from source on our
machines. There are simply too many bugs/weird configuration things
to work around when using the Apple or python.org versions.

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