[egenix-users] Problem with mxodbc 3.1 and Sybase 15.5

Dale Arntson d-arntson at uchicago.edu
Thu Feb 24 13:26:00 CET 2011

Beautiful. Let me know if you want someone to test the changes.


On 2/24/2011 5:20 AM, Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 23.02.2011, 19:28 Uhr, schrieb Dale Arntson <d-arntson at uchicago.edu>:
>> Hi Marc-Andre,
>> Do you have a time-frame for working around the problem in the Sybase
>> 15 ODBC driver which causes None values to be bound to SQL_CHAR? Just
>> asking, so I can plan accordingly.
> Hi Dale,
> we hope to have a build with this by the end of March. Note, this might
> not be a full release.
> Charlie

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