[egenix-users] Re: mx.DateTime 3.2.x and numpy

V vovansim at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 17:57:27 CET 2011

Jim Vickroy <jim.vickroy at ...> writes:
> For what it is worth, as a mere "lurker" on this list,
> that is an error in the numpy implementation, and should be reported.
> My search attempts to find information on a justification for this
> behavior are so far unsuccessful.

Hmm, gmane seems to have swallowed my previous couple attempts to send a 
response... Perhaps it got labeled as spam due to inclusion of a link to numpy 
documentation. Aany way,

Jim, I believe that this is not actually a bug in numpy, but rather desired 
behavior. Documentation for numpy.ndarray.__float__ includes the following 

Conversion; the operations complex, int, long, float, oct, and hex.
They work only on arrays that have one element in them and return
the appropriate scalar.

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