[egenix-users] db2 related question

Fernando Martins fernando at cmartins.nl
Thu Feb 25 09:56:38 CET 2010


I have a zope Intranet website with a MySQL backend and I'm tasked to 
migrate from MySQL to DB2 Express (the official dbms). Zope will also 
have to go away sooner or later, but I the first step is the DBMS.

The problem I'm facing with, is that DB2 "prefers" to work with tables 
and field names in capitals, whereas the db in MySQL mixes case. That 
means that I cannot migrate transparently, at first sight. I could 
change the SQL statements to use quotes and force the mixed case, but 
it's still quite a bit of work. I could migrate to a capital case system 
and change the zope front-end, but that's even more work.

Now, I also have a MS-Access frontend and as a matter of fact the ODBC 
layer (or MS Access) takes care of transparently converting from mixed 
to capital case and vice-versa.

I was wondering if the mxODBC interface for DB2 can actually do the same?


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