[egenix-users] how to connect with mxODBC Connect?

Tentin Quarantino tentin.quarantino at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 16:45:04 CET 2009


After reading archives, in particular a thread from April 2006 with
subject line "Difficulty connecting", I am feeling particularly stuck.

When using egenix mx.odbc library locally, I am able to use my data
source with no problem.

However when attempting to connect remotely via mxODBC Connect, the
client prints the following:

mx.ODBCConnect.Error.OperationalError: None of the configured mxODBC
Connect Servers allow connections.

What should I be examining?
I am open to any suggestions. Please.... any at all. :)
As I mention, mx.ODBC works fine locally... records are spewing
from the only data source on the entire Windows machine.


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