[egenix-users] mxODBC, windows, mdb, local and network access

Tentin Quarantino tentin.quarantino at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 12:08:58 CET 2009

Hello egenix community,

I want to believe that mxODBC will help me accomplish my task. :)

Of course, my success will depend on how I approach my task.
That is why I seek guidance from the egenix community.
I look forward to purchasing the mxODBC product if it will be a part
of my solution.

I have a mdb file which is version JET4 indicating Access 2000 or Access XP.
I created an ODBC Data source so that I could access this file's data
with egenix's mxODBC product via Python. I like how the mxODBC library returns
the data as built-in Python data types. That's very convenient.
This was done on the "localhost", as it were, on a Windows host.

Now, I want to access the same ODBC data source (on the Windows host) from
a Linux host across the network. I am hoping that Windows can accommodate
this by putting the Data Source on the network. I am confident that mxODBC
will accommodate this by simply using the appropriate DSN.
What would the DSN would look like for this?

If it is not possible, what needs to change in my approach?
I would prefer to continue to use the mxODBC product in my solution due
to the way it conveniently returns data.

Note, while reading the egenix archives, I saw references to mdbtools on Linux.
I have started to investigate this solution. However, (prior to
RTFMing) I fear that
mdbtools will not return data as nice Python built-in types such as tuples and
instead just text. So far that appears to be my experience. It does
not appear to
have the programming convenience and integration with Python as does mxODBC.


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