[egenix-users] ODBC Connect config file

Tentin Quarantino tentin.quarantino at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 13:41:23 CEST 2009


I recently experienced the following while using the ODBC Connect product.
In my config file, there was a comment following a name-value pair.
I am not necessarily experienced in ODBC conventions.
However, it seems reasonable to put comments on the same line as data:

log_file = client.log

server_connections = mxODBCServerConnection

# host =        # a comment
host =        # a comment
port = 6632
using_ssl = 0

Apparently, putting a comment after the "name = value" pair will cause
the software to fail and the resulting error message could possibly
mislead the programmer, IMHO.

0010 2009-06-13 12:31:26.87 [p2561] Could not open log file "<open
file 'test-client.log', mode 'w' at 0x2d85c0>" - using stderr
0500 2009-06-13 12:31:26.87 [p2561] Connection to		#:6632
failed - fail-over to the next.
0010 2009-06-13 12:31:26.87 [p2561] ERROR: None of the configured
mxODBC Connect Servers allow connections.

I believe it would be better to have a layer of error checking between
the place where the program reads the config file and where that data
is delivered to the code that uses it. i.e. check & sanitize the data
before using it.

If error handling and messaging was slightly more helpful, then the
marginal improvement would move ODBC Connect toward real world clas
product status.

Many thanks for the very helpful product support!


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