Wish list (was Re: [egenix-users] Invalid cursor state)

Dan Fairs dan.fairs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 19:06:01 CEST 2009

> In a pure Python environment then mxODBC Connect - avoid all that  
> messy configuration of managers, drivers and firewalls. We will  
> hopefully soon be releasing a Zope version of this. What Zope  
> version are you on as it looks as if we're going to have to choose  
> between Zope >= 2.12 and earlier because of the move to eggs.

Ah, now that *would* be interesting. The client's currently on Zope  
2.10.4, though I'd like to move to the 2.12. We did have problems with  
a 2.11 ZEO client talking to a 2.10 ZEO server, though; upgrading the  
ZEO server, is more major since so many things here use it. A release  
that works with 2.10 would certainly be more palatable.

If we're in wish-list mode, a Zope 3 implementation would be handy as  
well. All the new code we're developing is Zope 3-style (using browser  
views and the component architecture), and digging around in the ZODB  
to pull out a ZSQL method hooked up to an mxODBCZopeDA instance living  
in content space simply isn't very nice. I'd like to be able to  
register a database connection as a named utility (configured through  
ZCML or optionally as a persistent item in the ZODB), and just pass it  
SQL to execute.

> Other than that then "proper" drivers from Openlink, et al. By  
> proper I mean avoid the "instant" or "lite" versions as these tend  
> to be wrappers around JDBC drivers and have their own problems.

OK - I didn't know about those, thanks; and thanks for the warning, too.


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