[egenix-users] Error Msg: 'NoneType' object is not callable" in <bound method mxODBC_Connection.__del__ of

Senthil Kumaran orsenthil at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 16:43:17 CET 2009


I am using mxODBC Connect from a Linux client to a Windows Server and
my application uses Storm backend.
While I am able to establish the connection and get the operation
done, after the completion of the operation I get this error message:

Exception exceptions.TypeError: "'NoneType' object is not callable" in
<bound method mxODBC_Connection.__del__ of <mxODBC_Connection
id:14560496 meta_info:<MetaInfo class_name:None module_name:None
name:None type_name:'mxODBC Connection'>>> ignored

Can someone help me understand the meaning of this error with respect
to mxODBC_Connection class?

Here's my setup:

I am doing:

from mx.ODBCConnect.Client import ServerSession
session = ServerSession(self.config_path)
mssqldbapi = session.open()

And I have mssqldabapi as a global object so that I can import it in a
different module.

As I am NOT doing a .close() on mssqldbapi,  is there any chance of
this error coming up?
Documentation says that session object is automatically closed when
garbage collected and I am see that in stand-alone snippets.
But in the scenario, I have described above I am not really sure as
why this error message surfaces and the meaning of this error message.

Any help appreciated.


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