[egenix-users] mxODBC doesn't support LIMIT in SELECT?

Minh-Long Pham minh at mipscomputation.com
Tue Sep 2 12:43:37 CEST 2008


I've connected to my database through mx.ODBC.Windows functions
connect() and DriverConnect().
I was able to execute sql.execute("""SELECT count(*) FROM
IM1_InventoryMasterfile""") but not
sql.execute("""SELECT * FROM IM1_InventoryMasterfile LIMIT 5""").

This is the error that I get:
mx.ODBC.Error.InterfaceError: ('3700', 1017, '[Best Canada][PUX ODBC
Driver]Unexpected extra token: 5', 7089)

Windows ODBC version: 3.525.11.32.0
Windows Python version: 2.5

Why does a simple LIMIT 5 not work?



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