[egenix-users] way to prevent floats from truncating to ints?

Nathan Gossett gosnat at bethel.edu
Wed Apr 9 16:26:46 CEST 2008

I'm using mxODBC to work with an Oracle 9 database, and when I try to 
fetch FLOAT data, they are being returned as ints.  Basically, I'm 
having the same issue as problem two in this posting:


Setting the "leave scale 0 floats untouched" option is not really a 
solution, because then all of the NUMBER(10,0) data is returned as 
floats (which causes problems since they are supposed to be integers). 
I realize that mxODBC is acting exactly as documented, but I need floats 
to be returned as floating point numbers, while integers are returned as 
integers.  Is there some way around this?

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