[egenix-users] access to MsSQL blocks

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Thu Aug 31 13:49:20 CEST 2006

hi there,

using mxOdbc our database application embeded in zope often blocks when executing
a simple statement as the following:

query = "select fieldValue from tblATicketDetailDynamicForm \
        where ticketDetailNoFk in (1683)"

calling sql_q_nil(query) (from the following class)
sometimes just never returns.

The problem seems to be, that after a certain amount of queries MsSQL is in a
state, that it does not allow any access to the querried database.

what we do in our application is:
- get a RedDbQuery object (class at the end of the posting)
- execute the statement with RedDbQuery.sql_q_nil(query)
- release the connection.

this approach worked fine using MySQL. However we did not cross any
OS bounderies and did not use ODBC.

we are using:

mxODBC Zope DA 1.0.8 License Information:
1 Zope Instance License for redcor <robert at redcor.ch> [6522021#1]
SuSE 9.3
UnixOdbc 2.8.8
freetds 0.64

for hints how to fix this problems I would be extreemly gratefull.


class RedDbQuery:
  "All queries are routed through this class."

  def __init__( self ):
    self._connection = getConnection()
    #print 'getConnection() returns', _connection
    self._cursor = self._connection.cursor()
    #print 'cursor() returns', _cursor

  def dispose( self ):
    releaseConnection( self._connection, self._cursor )

  def cursor( self ):
    return self._cursor

  # query level zero -- the one and only query execution method:
  def sql_q_nil( self, query, verbose = None ):
    "Generic SQL query, expecting no return."
    if verbose: print( query )
    r = self._cursor.execute( query )
    #print 'execute() returns', r
    return r

  more methods ..

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