[egenix-users] Problem with cursor.information

Bernhard Snizek bernhard at headnet.dk
Wed Aug 17 01:00:21 CEST 2005


  I am currently evaluating mxODBC for a medium size database  
integration project where I use Z3.

I want to connect to an Access .mdb file via mdbtools <-> unixODBC <- 
 > mxODBC.unixODBC <-> Zope3 [freeBSD]

Everything works fine, I can establish a connection and even fetch  
records BUT cursor.information contains only tuples where the column  
id is empty.

 >>> import mx
 >>> import mx.ODBC
 >>> import mx.ODBC.unixODBC
 >>> mx.ODBC.unixODBC.DriverConnect('DSN=myDSN')
 >>> dc = dn.cursor()
 >>> dc.execute('select * from kvarter')
 >>> dc.fetchone()
(50, 'Br\xf8nsh\xf8j')
 >>> dc.description
(('', 4, None, None, 4, 0, 0), ('', 12, None, None, 100, 0, 1))

I changed my setup to an iODBC connection, the result is the same,  
empty column id's.

When I open the DSN by using isql and execute the same sql statement  
as above it returns the column ids properly:

SQL> select * from kvarter
| KvarterID  |  
| 1          |  

Looks as if the problem is on mxODBC's side ...

Is this a bug ?
Has anyone had the same experience ?

I will publish my Z3 unixODBCDA as OSS when I got past this hurdle  
therefore I would highly appreciate any help !!

with best regards

Bernhard Snizek

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