[egenix-users] week of year

Dirk Holtwick holtwick at spirito.de
Fri May 24 12:26:46 CEST 2002


I noticed some strange behaviour with values for "week of year" with mx.DateTime. I use something like this in my program:

	Date(year, month, w).strftime("%W")

e.g.: Date(2002,5,1).strftime("%W") gives 17 as result. In my german calendar it should be 18, so I add 1. But
Date(2001,5,1).strftime("%W") gives 18 and in my calendar its also 18 so adding +1 dosn't work here. what can I do? I use Date(2001,5,1).iso_week[1]
and Date(2002,5,1).iso_week[1] that works. But shouldn't it also work with the method described above?

bye, dirk

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